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Opening Hours

Mon - Sun: 9AM - 7PM

Signature Massage

All massage treatment sessions time from : 30min | 45min | 60min | 75min | 90min | 120min

Deep tissue

Deep Tissue Massage

“Firm, but not HARD. Push deeper into your muscle”.

Essential oil

Relaxation Massage

“Uses smooth, gliding strokes to help you relax with massage oil”

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage

“Treatment that identifies specific issues in your body.”

Special Packages


Dragon package

– Whole Body Massage with Essential oil 60mins
– Reflexology (Feet acupoints therapy) 30mins

Hot stone

Massage For Two People

– Whole Body Massage
– With Hot Stones & Coconut Oil (Seperated room)

Other Massage Treatment


Cupping Treatment

Improve blood flow, relieve muscle tension, promote cell repair

From $95

Dry Needling

Puncturing tight muscle knots to restore movement and ease tension


Reflexology (Foot Massage)

Soothes soles and seeks system-wide wellness through pressure points on feet

From $50

Online voucher available